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The Brown-Skin.ch Story


we are very passionate about traditional fabrics, not just African print but the idea of keeping our traditions alive through our choice of clothing. we want our clients to feel proud and confident wearing our clothing while sharing a glimpse of their tradition with the world. 

You will wonder why the name Brown-skin.ch? We are two women of colour and proud to call Switzerland our home, who have decided to embark on the journey of offering you ready-to-wear clothes with an afro flavour, hence the decision to name our Brown-skin.ch brand



we strive to keep our quality high and prices low in order to make our products affordable to all.


Brown-Skin.ch is the brain child of Sylvie Walder. As the owner of various Beauty Salons for over two decades, I meet dozens of clients on a daily basis. as much as meeting new people and being part of their life stories can be interesting and exhilarating it could at times become exhausting and energy draining, being privy to so many obviously not solely positive experiences. As part of my self care I took up my second passion which is dress making as my stress reliever. Sewing for myself has always been a hobby and my go to place of calm. No matter which part of the world I moved to or vacationed, there was always time for a sewing class or fabric store visit. I seldom sew for others as I need this to remain my passion and not tied to any deadlines or expectations. The better my sewing skills got, the more often I would wear my creations to work and after receiving some African print fabric from a friend and my first trip to Ghana I absolutely fell in love with the vibrancy of the African wax print. 

As most of my clients are of African decent the incorporation of wax print fabrics in my projects had not gone unnoticed and soon the requests started coming in. As I don't sew for others I needed to find a way of giving my clients what they wanted without feeling stressed about yet another project. During the Covid-19 lockdown the idea of brown-skin.ch was born. 

Together with Ruth my collaborator and hairdresser by trade, who also adores fashion and trends, an ambitious woman, model and ex-miss Congo Swiss. She also served in the swiss military where she carries the title of sergeant.  We both share the same passions and work hard to guarantee a real revolution in high quality African ready-to-wear clothing.

At Brown-skin.ch you're sure to find your style.